I have never owned such a high end bag but I wanted

Louis Vuitton Monogram Alma BB Replica

ExteriorLV Monogram Canvas exterior with wide white leather base and arched top, white leather aaa replica designer handbags name tag, double zipper closure with polished brass LV padlock, two ultra slim rounded white leather handles with green and a detachable ultra slim white leather shoulder strap

InteriorMicrofiber lining with Louis Vuitton Paris Made in France and product code heat embossed leather tabs

PocketsAn open flat pocket in the interiorI have been eyeing the Alma BB in Monogram for a long time now, basically ever since Emily Canham got hers and showed it on Youtube. I have never owned such a high end bag but I wanted to treat myself for my birthday that is coming up, as well as just starting 2018 off with my depression replica louis vuitton bags left behind and starting over with a new handbag. You know how girls are.

I have never done anything like this on my blog but I know that I have done a lot of research on the Alma BB before actually ordering it from PurseValley Factory, I read blogposts, looked at pictures, watched basically all Youtube videos on the bag. it was all very helpful. So if you are interested in the bag, this blogpost might help you decide on whether to take the plunge or not!

As far at the price goes, the bag was $299. I personally don mind sharing prices, you can easily look the price up online so I don see a problem with sharing details on money at all. This is my very first luxury designer bag and I wanted to get it brand new rather than pre loved because of that reason. Of course if you got it pre loved (or any other bag for that matter) you could save a lot of money but sacrificing a brand new look.

But Let get into the unboxing now, shall we?

This Replica Louis Vuitton handbag comes in a nice big box with a leather band around it, as well as the envelope with the business card of your sales associate and your receipt. Also, can we just take a second to appreciate that big LV bag? Love.

When you open up the box, the bag comes nicely wrapped in it dustbag to keep it from damage. I personally love dustbags, especially with luxury handbags so I can store them in there when I not using them.

Here is the little beauty with all the things that come high quality designer replica handbags wholesale with the bag. We have the long crossbody strap, the little bag with the classic LV lock and the little authenticity card that also tells you what materials your bag is made out of. In this case, my Alma BB is the coated canvas one, meaning the bag itself is made out of coated fabric, the handles as well as the crossbody strap, the bottom trim with the feet are cowhide leather and it has man made lining.

The zipper goes all around to the bottom of the bag which means even though the coated canvas is very stiff and sturdy, with the zipper opening this far, the inside has easy access and you will not hurt your hand while trying to grab something out of your bag.

The zipper is very smooth as with all LV items I have experienced. The two zipper ends both have the little hole through them for you to close your bag with the lock (I wonder if anyone ever locks up their LV really). You can also put the lock only through one zipper hole to store your lock. I Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags prefer to put mine on the handle part.

After you have seen all the close up pictures, I want to give you my quick thoughts on the bag and telling you if I personally think the Replica Alma BB is worth replica louis vuitton the $299 it currently costs.

I am extremely pleased with the bag. fake louis bag I have done so much research on the Alma BB before purchasing it and I came across a lot of people saying Replica is not worth it at all. If you purchase it from the original replica makers like PurseValley Factory, you can get fooled. I personally don think the fact that the bag is coated canvas makes it poor quality and/or not worth the price. The coated canvas is extremely durable and sturdy. You can run your nails over the bag, nothing even happens. Leather bags are a lot harder to take care of, especially if it lambskin so I would rather have my bag be coated canvas which is extremely durable and will last me forever.

My point is, if you want to have a real leather bag, you have to think about how you want to use the bag and for what occasions. If you want it to be an everyday bag, really think about 1:1 replica handbags what leather it is and if leather really is the right choice. If you want it to be a bag for special occasions only, go for Perfect Quality Louis Vuitton Replica leather dolabuy , any leather really high quality replica handbags china , it going to last you ages. But since I love the Alma BB as an everyday bag, summer and winter, the coated canvas was the right choice for me. I do pet this like my little baby but definitely not as much as I would a real leather bag just because it is really durable and sturdy.

When it comes to the overall quality of the bag, it definitely is there. The stitching, the hardware, the handles. everything looks perfect and high of quality. The clasps of the crossbody strap are great quality, not those flimsy ones on like H bags that break within a replica designer handbags year, the replica louis vuitton bags from china lock is heavy duty, the zipper is very smooth and nice. Everything just looks very high quality.

I am a huge fan of the brand, I love luxury handbags and small leather goods, it become my passion recently and I personally don see a problem with spending your money on things like this. Of course they aren an essential and are well overpriced because of their name and the status they have in society but if you like a bag and you don have the money, go for replicas. Ain nobodys place to judge.

I really hope this blog was helpful if you are trying to decide whether to get a Alma BB or not! And if you have any more questions, you can leave them down below and I try to answer them.

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